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We care about your films. Our Film Developing, Scanning and Printing Team take every care when handling your films and negatives. Every frame is checked and corrected if desired. Before completion every order is quality control checked by a Lab Manager to ensure your satisfaction.

The combination of quality machinery and experienced expert staff, who are passionate about photography, ensures our place as one of the UK’s leading film developing labs.

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Premier Service

Specialists in film

We are able to process any supported film type including:Colour C41, Slide E6, Black & White and cross processing 35mm, 126, 127, APS and 120 roll films 5x4, 5x7 and 8x10 large format sheet films.

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Lomo Specialists

As official Lomo and Holga stockists we have adapted our services to enable us to cater for all types of film cameras including half frame, 35mm square, Spinner, Sprocket Rocket, Pinhole and all Diana and Holga 120 cameras.

Negative scanning
Negative scanning

Negative Scanning

We have professional film scanners setup to scan films at resolutions in excess of 40mb if required. Our lower resolution options are a great way to proof your films. We can also digitise your archive of negatives and slides.

Film Sales

At Photographique we stock all the major brands of film in both 35mm and 120 format including Kodak, Fuji and Ilford. We also stock the Impossible Project film and Fuji Instax. You can add film to your mail order form or order by phone.

You can see our full range of film in our online store.

Negative scanning
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