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We can print from digital files and film on a wide selection of papers. We offer traditional hand printing, C‑type chemical printing and fine art pigment giclee printing.

We have two options for digital printing. Our simple easy-to-access Online Printing app is perfect if you have your images ready to print. Alternatively if you need some help to maximise the potential of your images or want advice on producing exhibition quality prints then our Bespoke Printing service is the right choice.

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Bespoke Printing

We understand how much time, money and energy goes into perfecting every image. At Photographique we want to make sure that the final part of the process delivers exactly the results you require. Our Bespoke Printing service provides a one-on-one individual service to work with you to get the most out your photographs. The benefits of Bespoke Printing include: test prints; image check, crop check and resolution check in addition to the expert advice of one of our Printing Advisors.

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Online printing

Our easy-to-use online printing app is perfect if you have your images ready to print. Our full range of sizes are available and you can also select different paper finishes and other options like white borders. You can choose to have your order shipped to your door or you can collect from our lab in central Bristol.

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For more info email us or call us on 0117 930 0622

How We Print

C-type Printing

This process produces durable and long lasting prints. Light sensitive paper is exposed by a laser system; prints are then chemically processed. C-type prints have 60 million colours per square inch delivering subtle colour variations. They also have a greater tonal range than other processes with deeper blacks.

Giclee Printing

Giclee printing uses an 8 ink fine-art pigment ink system to layer ink onto the paper. We have a range of papers to suit your work including uncoated matt, textured and more traditional photographic papers. The giclee printing is appealing to artists, illustrators and photographers.

Hand Printing

Black and white hand printing is the most traditional of the services we offer and only available from black and white negatives. Every negative is individually assessed and test printed by our experienced printer. We offer resin coated and fibre based papers. Prints can be toned.

Preparing files

When printing from digital it is important that files are made print-ready. There is a great difference between viewing images on a screen and in print form. To help ensure the closest possible match the correct profile should be used for the paper type selected. You should also check the brightness, contrast and saturation of the image along with the image crop and resolution.

Download our ICC profiles .

If you have any questions about preparing files you can email us or call us on 0117 930 0622

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