A Road Not Taken

The border between Belarus and Lithuania, two countries previously part of the Soviet Union, was once little more than a thin line on a map. People interacted freely. Bonds of communal life were strong despite diverse nationalities. Families intermarried, creating a common social identity.

With the fall of the Soviet Union and the establishment of the European border, towns were split apart. This boundary both socially and psychologically disrupted the lives of the people here. Relatives and close friends now live an entire world away, although their houses are only a few meters on the other side. Visiting is nearly impossible and calling them is beyond their means.

Those who remain in this region are isolated and forgotten. They long for the days of the Soviet Union when the borders were open. They preserve their traditions, while struggling with change. Due to the solitude and absence of urban comforts, they are dependent on what nature provides.

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