The Károlyis

This body of work is dedicated to the prestigious history of an old, Hungarian noble family, documenting one of their last descendants, Count László Károlyi. The residency that he inhabits is part of the Károlyi Castle, in Fót, a small city on the outskirts of the country’s capital. The rich, antique furnishing of the interiors reveal the aristocratic heritage, just like the old-fashioned, sophisticated lifestyle that this patrician couple leads, reflecting the distant connection between the remaining higher classes and today’s civilian society. In a country where a once powerful, landowning nobility slowly vanished from the political and social sphere, title became a poorly recognized trace of the past. My true drive in this project lies in the fascination with the important authoritative status of the family throughout Hungary’s history as well as in the concept of the disappearing aristocratic presence that very much influenced the way that traditions and culture is perceived today.

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